Last Reviewed or Revised 9/3/17


New: Small Watershed Action Plan (SWAP) Related Actions:

  1. It’s a great advantage for the GPCA to have a ‘Small Watershed Community Committee’ (SWCC) as part of the County’s implementation phase of SWAP. This committee will be a point of contact for the County. The SWCC will be involved in education, and some implementation steps. This group is active and planning the first actions/events.  New members are always welcome to this dynamic group. Please contact Bob Teller to discuss any questions or interest in joining SWCC. I do not consider an interest to be a commitment to join. I think it is only fair to know what is involved before committing.


  1. We are most often looking for volunteers for folding and collating the GPCA newsletter.  Come join the fun on the first Tuesday of the month (except in July).  Contact any board member if you are interested and want more information.


  1. Please consider investing any of your valuable time in your choice of activities critical to GPCA’s mission to sustain our rural community. Opportunities abound and every applicant gets hired!  Getting started is easy - just click this link to send an email letting us know where you can help out.


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New: Volunteering Opportunities Patapsco & DNR:

Volunteer Opportunities with Patapsco State Park and Maryland DNR