Small Watershed Action Plan



Final Report


Volumes I and II April 2017

Baltimore County Department of Environmental Protection and Sustainability has issued the final Small Watershed Action Plan (SWAP) Report for our area.  With this action the Upper Patapsco SWAP has been posted for final public comment. 

The public comment period ends on June 19th

The report is in pdf format; available for viewing or download (link is above). At about 350 pages it’s a bit daunting to read all the way through. However, reviewing the table of contents and Appendix A: Volume 1 will give you a good idea of what all is involved.

As part of SWAP implementation the County is encouraging the creation of  ‘Small Watershed Community Committees’ (SWCC).  The committee is forming now. It will raise awareness of Baltimore County’s Northern Patapsco SWAP within the GPCA community. It will work to improve the water quality of tributaries to the Northern Patapsco River within/near it’s boundaries, through education and implementation of best remediation and conservation practices. It is the best forum for communication and coordination with the County.

Please contact Bob Teller if you are interested in learning more about or joining the committee. 

Please follow the link below to navigate to the County’s Report page. There are instructions for submitting comments on the page.

Last Reviewed or Revised 5-20-2017