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Revised 5-20-2017

Upcoming Events

GPCA Needs Everyone’s Help!

The newsletters are GPCA’s largest expense and go out to more than 1,500 households. However, less than 200 newsletter recipients have contributed this year’s dues as of May, 2017. We need everyone to share in the effort. Please take a moment to ensure that you have sent in your annual dues. Use the membership form on the address page of the newsletter.

MTA/MDOT Major Public Transit Changes 6/18/2017

Baltimore/Link Begins - there will be route, stops and service time changes. The website is informative and easy to navigate. It not only includes the changes but has maps, interactive trip planner and a Travel Train Events. Baltimore/Link

A Special Shout-Out of Thanks & Recognition Goes to Kevin Bonds!!!

Kevin updated and maintained the website for many years. He has helped me get started with the website duties and has turned them over to me!  l’m sure to have a few more emails and calls with Kevin when I get stumped! Thanks Kevin for your dedication to handling this task for the GPCA for many years! Bob Teller

Ongoing Events

Newsletter has Several Volunteer Opportunities Available!

   Are you looking for a chance to make a contribution to the mission of GPCA?  We’re looking for a people to collate, work with the newsletter folding crew and deliver the newsletters to the Post Office on the first Tuesday of each month 9-11:30 AM:  If you have any questions about the tasks that are involved, or if you are ready to volunteer, contact any officer or board member. Come join the fun on the first Tuesday of the month (except in July). 


*GPCA General Meetings Location:

    Granite Presbyterian Church, Lower Level, 10637 Old Court Road (Just North of Hernwood Rd) on the second Monday of every month at 7:30 p.m. except during July and August.  Members and non-members are encouraged to attend.  Inclement Weather Policy:  *Cancellation or delay of events will follow the lead of Baltimore County Public Schools.

Look Good and Do Good In Your GPCA T-Shirt

    Show your support for the GPCA and your community. Wear your official GPCA T-Shirt. Shirts come in Kelly green with the GPCA logo, and are all cotton, in sizes small through 3xxx. Minimal shrinkage. Shirts are for sale at every general meeting, or contact any member of the Board to coordinate a purchase. Cost is S12 each, 2 for $22, or 3 for $30. Get a group together to purchase in volume!

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If you have other topics you think will be of interest to the wider GPCA community, please contact a member of the board.

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